Steve Goodman's References

  • These are drawings from reference photos Steve Goodman has taken in his travels. Breathtaking.

SnowSuit Effort References

  • Bill
    The SnowSuit Effort has really fascinating portraits of street people in Detroit. Ryan Keberly, the author and photographer of the site, has generously allowed me to use the photos for studies. Sometimes, it's much more gratifying for me to draw someone with character in their features than someone who is absolutely gorgeous.


  • Missouri_river_in_the_fall
    These are various pictures from around Montana. It's easy to get lost in these.

Works in Progress

  • Pencil_drawing_lady
    What I'm working on now. Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger view.

art photos

  • Ghcam_2_sunrise
    here's some pics


  • Nami_pond_done
    Paintings that were purchased via NAMI's Dignity Dinner

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April 10, 2008



Thanks Gwyn, it was my pleasure to do the NAMI art. :)


Hi Martha~ I think you did an awesome job on Obama's portrait. And I think you are entitled to your opinion and can say whatever the "heck" you like on YOUR site. You are an incredibly gifted, giving and loving person. Anyone that knows you, knows that and that is all that matters. I am still enjoying the artwork you did for NAMI- means a lot to me and has enriched my life. Thank you. Gwyn

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